Grand Junction, CO Estate Lawyer Louis R. Wilcox, LLC

estateAs an estate lawyer, I know that sometimes the reliability of a decedents’ Will can be called into question. At times, the circumstances of the creation or execution of a Will or Trust can create doubt in the reliability of these documents. It is important to remember that the purpose of estate planning documents is to inform a decedent’s heirs of how the decedent wanted his or her estate distributed. It is possible the document does not reflect those desires and the heirs will have to contest the validity of the Will or Trust. Colorado Law provides for procedures which can either confirm or set aside estate planning docs. Factors have been defined that a Court can consider when evaluating the authenticity or reliability of estate planning documents. If you think a decedent’s Will or Trust does not reflect the intentions of the decedent, it is critical to contact an estate planning attorney to ensure the decedent’s desires are carried out.

All estate lawyers are not alike. We pride ourselves on our compassion and our results, even in situations as tricky as contesting a will.